Vocal Basic

individual course for beginners that include basic exercises for training voice, vocal range and quality of the sound, as well as singing exercises and work on the repertoire.

The course consists of 8 lessons
Course fee 387 €
What you will learn?
  • Basic exercises to remove tension in your voice
  • Basic singing skills in low and high registers
  • Principles and features of working with a studio microphone and recording vocals
  • Breathing exercises to train your voice
The course includes
  • 1
    Right voice placement
  • 2
    Working with speech: diction, articulation
  • 3
    Range development (specifics of working with your voice in low and high registers)
  • 4
    Basic principles and nuances of working with a concert and studio microphones


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We are sure that the best training format is individual, that is why the most part of our learning process is individual, so you can get maximum of efficient knowledge
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