Vocal Pro

This individual course is worked out for those who want to receive basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills for making electronic music.

Taking this course is possible after individual testing by our tutor.

The course consists of 10 lessons
Course fee 440 €
What you will learn?
  • How to extend the range in low and high registers
  • How to sing sub tone, falsetto, twang, runs & riffs, belting, etc.
  • How to choose songs that fit your timbre and main working register
  • How to find your individual sound and your own vocal tricks
  • Acting approaches for the emotional coloring of songs
  • Singing excellence in transitions between registers
  • Apply the learned skills on examples and recording a song
The course includes
  • 1
    Work with various singing techniques
  • 2
    Practicing of scenic speech and acting skills
  • 3
    Voice range development
  • 4
    Development of singing breath, control of your voice
  • 5
    Working with speech: diction, articulation
  • 6
    Record vocals on studio equipment with a detailed analysis of the recording


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