Курс диджеинга "DJ Pro"

This individual course is designed for those who are experienced in djing and want to get some more practical skills to achieve their creative tasks. As a result of training the best students will have a chance to perform at Nice Music events and to practice in Moscow clubs.

During this course you will hone your skills and master mixing and compilation tracks that will give the opportunity to play on the stages of any level.

Taking this course is possible after individual testing by our tutor.

The course consists of 20 lessons
Course fee 440 €
What you will learn?
  • To use software equipment at the senior level
  • To pick up tracks and to write your own mixes and live entertainments
  • To mix and use 4 CDJ and Vinil record players
  • To master mixing technique with the help of effects and equalizer
  • To work with harmonic mixing
  • Easily to handle with connection and setup of the equipment
The course includes
  • 1
    Acquaintance with CDJ, Vinyl and mixing desk
  • 2
    Peculiarities of equipment connection steps
  • 3
    Learning the structure and arrangement of tracks
  • 4
    Parallel working with four turntables
  • 5
    High-level work with the effects and equalizer of a mixing desk
  • 6
    Mastering Recordbox program
  • 7
    Mix recording


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