Production Pro

This individual course is developed for those who have already some experience in working with music programs and now want to get practical skills for achieving their creative objects. As a result of training your own authorial track will be made.

Taking this course is possible after individual testing by our tutor.

The course consists of 10 lessons
Equipment and Software
Logic Pro, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cubase
Course fee 440 €
What you will learn?
  • To use the most of sequencer’s instrumentation and functional
  • To make the right arrangement and pick up timbres
  • To work with reference and to make your sounds
  • To reduce and master the material on your own
The course includes
  • 1
    Extended functional and subtleties of the program
  • 2
    The search, selection and creating timbres
  • 3
    Modern principles of music production
  • 4
    Mixing and mastering of dance music
  • 5
    Practice in creating a track
  • 6
    Making a final track and preparation for its release
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